• OpenStreetMap promotional leaflets

OpenStreetMap promotional leaflets

These A7-sized leaflets are a great way to promote OpenStreetMap.  Tens of thousands of these leaflets have been distributed around the world over the past few years and have proved popular with new mappers.

The concertina-folded leaflets have eight panels, including example maps and introductory text for new contributors. Perfect for handing out at meetings and events, or just keeping handy for giving to potential new recruits when you are out and about.

The text and illustrations have been fully revised and updated in October 2013, with the new logo, ODbL information and even the new signup cartoon! The small charge helps cover the postage costs - I can also distribute them in-person for free.

Printed on 135gsm semi-glossy paper and nicely folded by the printers.

Available for shipping to the UK only.